Top 10 Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you need a reminder of where you parked, translate a menu into a different language, or are looking for romance, there’s an app for that!

There are no shortage of finance and money apps. Out of all the financing apps out there, here are a few you could consider downloading.



This free app from Intuit Inc. makes creating a budget and tracking your spending habits a breeze. You’re able to connect all of your accounts: banking, credit cards, and even your bills. Since it’s all synced to one app, you’re able to know when bills are due (and you can even setup reminders to avoid penalty fees), along with what you can afford to pay and when. Bonus – it can track your spending habits and provide advice that pertains just to you!

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Have you tried making a budget but just can’t seem to stick to it? Then YNAB is probably going to be your next best friend. It plans around your actual income so you are forced to live within your means and not off of money you don’t have. In order to keep you on track, it ensures every dollar has a job. If you do get off track though, because no one is perfect, YNAB will help you see what you need to do differently to ensure you keep within your budget.


Keeping your expenses organized is one of the first crucial steps to maintaining a successful budget plan. However, taking the time to write down every expense is easier said than done. This is where the Wally app comes into play. All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt(s) and Wally will automatically create an expense log for you!


Investing has never been more effortless than with the Acorn app. How it works is every time you make a purchase, the app will round up to the next highest dollar and invest that amount into a portfolio of your choosing (i.e., you purchase lunch at $10.25, the app will invest $0.75). It’s a great way to turn chump change into a nice lump of cash.

Spending Tracker

If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward, then Spending Tracker might be just what you need. You’re able to log expenses and income, set yourself a budget, select flexible time periods, generate reports about your spending, and much more! This app has a simple goal to provide easy tracking to keep you on budget and help you save money.


Carrying cash is almost unheard of in today’s world because many feel more secure using their debit or credit card. However, it becomes a bit of a problem when you’re out with family or friends, the bill comes, and it’s time to split the tab, but no one has cash. This dilemma can now be easily overcome with the secure and free Venmo app because it allows people to safely transfer funds to one another via their smartphone.


Want to save money without even thinking about a strategy to do so? Good news, there’s an app for that now. Digit scans your income, detects your spending patterns, and then determines an amount you don’t necessarily need that it will save into a separate account. From there it will manage the account. Although there is no interest accumulated, you’re able to access and withdraw from it at any time.


Although this app may seem similar to the others in the sense that it syncs all of your accounts and spending behavior, it has a special feature that truly sets it apart from the other: it shows how much you can afford to spend for that particular day. In doing so, the PocketGuard is one of the most secure apps to keep you on track with your finances.


If you travel for business frequently, then the Expensify app is surely going to be a must. Not only does it track all of your expenses manually or through photolog, but it also pulls purchase information from your credit cards for IRS validated eReceipts. Some bonus features include travel mileage, rate expenses, and even a currency conversion.


Having quick access to your credit score can do wonders for your financial success. The CreditKarma app can do just so by retrieving your report from Equifax and TransUnion. If you’re not entirely sure what your score means, the app helps explain it and will even provide recommendations (credit cards, loans, etc.) that best suit your financial circumstances.