A Scoop of Success from Ampersand Ice Cream

What’s sweeter than homemade ice cream? How about a success story about local entrepreneurs? Jeff and Amelia Bennett founded Ampersand Ice Cream in 2015 near Downtown Fresno.

They not only have a passion for serving high-quality sweet treats to great people, but they’re perhaps even more passionate about being part of the Fresno community and its growth.

Jeff has been part of the Fresno community since 2011, where he not only fell in love with Amelia but also with the big city feel and small town roots of Fresno. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and being son of an entrepreneur, it was only a matter of time before Jeff fulfilled his dreams of owning his own restaurant.

For Amelia, Fresno has been home to her for almost 20 years. As a daughter of a winemaker, it was only natural for Fresno’s bountiful agriculture to land a special place in her heart. Once she heard of Jeff’s small business dreams, she knew they would make the perfect team to bring not only great business to Fresno, but to do so with utter passion for a community they both love deeply.

From there, Ampersand Ice Cream was born. It is currently the only handcrafted small-batched creamery in Fresno, California. To honor their passion for keeping the community thriving, Jeff and Amelia decided that Ampersand would only use locally sourced ingredients.

When presented with Jeff and Amelia’s idea of Ampersand Ice Cream, we were thrilled to be part of something truly innovative to the Fresno market and so supportive of the community. It was a no-brainer for us, and since then we have been honored to be part of Jeff and Amelia’s journey.

“Fresno First Bank has taken the initiative to learn about us and our needs as a business but also as a married couple. They have been patient with us in our decision making while taking a genuine interest in our long-term success. We hope Ampersand will be a part of Fresno’s culture for generations to come, and Fresno First Bank is helping us grow those roots,” said Jeff and Amelia Bennett.

You can learn more about Ampersand at www.AmpersandIceCream.com, on its Facebook page, on Twitter and on Instagram.